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Meditation & Mindfulness Coaching 
Providing you with the tools you need to nourish your wellbeing

We never stop.  Whether it is thinking about our daily tasks and responsibilities, dealing with obstacles, overthinking, regretting the past or worrying about the future, most of the time our mind is cluttered with thoughts. What’s more, with technology feeding us a constant stream of information, posts, gossip, and news of frightening updates about political and environmental issues, our days are often challenging and filled with anxiety. 

How would it feel to start the day differently, with calm, positivity, and clarity?  How can you pause and recharge?

What are the benefits of Mindfulness?

When I started meditating over 15 years ago I had months of on-off periods.  Eventually, I had a light-bulb moment; I noticed that on off-days, where I just dived into my day, I often felt unhinged, discontent, and more reactive. 

Meditation has a wide range of benefits for our mental and even physical wellbeing, which have been repeatedly reported on by science. These include:

  • Stress reduction

  • Better focus and resilience to distractions

  • Boost in working memory, especially in stressful situations

  • Reduced emotional reactivity

  • Adaptive responses to stressful situations 

By reaping the benefits of mindfulness and meditation, you will find yourself enabled to self-observe, better appreciate the positives in your life, and more easily overcome and resolve the negatives.

Ruben Sanchez - Invisible.jpg

Mindfulness Coaching with Amaze Create

Meditation and mindfulness coaching is essential to my holistic life coaching practice. I believe that meditation is an invaluable tool to the coaching journey. If you find yourself navigating your days uncentered, unfocused, and overwhelmed by the challenges that your life, career, and the world is throwing at you, then mindfulness coaching might be just the thing for you.

Working together, we’ll construct a plan to help and encourage you to turn off your ‘monkey brain’ and tune in with yourself. You’ll get to practice your mindfulness and meditation skills and come away from each session with new insights into yourself and tools that will help you develop your practice and wellbeing. We’ll then work on integrating these practices in your day to day life and the areas where you need and want to see positive change. 

To learn more about how my holistic mindfulness coaching practice can help you, why not book a discovery call today? It’s a free, no compromise session that will allow me to understand your particular circumstances and give you more insight on how I can help.

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