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Lifestyle Changes Coaching - Alcohol & Substance Use
Achieve Lasting Lifestyle Changes with the help of a Life Coach

‘You have to let your hair down….’  

’I need a drink to relax after this stressful day…’

‘Fancy a cheeky line?’ 

Sounds familiar? Alcohol and substance use may be weaved into the fabric of your social and even professional life. Stress relief, leisure, and fun are strongly associated with drinking, drugs, or food. But does this lifestyle work for you or is your weekday comedown becoming an issue? Are you feeling increasingly anxious not just when waking up but when also looking at your bank account?

We give our intuition little credit.  There is a fine line between fun and an escalating habit, and deep inside you know when that line has been crossed. Very few people admit how much they are affected, that they feel anxious and paranoid, cannot sleep, and worry that they are losing control. The years of lockdowns seem to have made these issues worse or brought them to a head.

The Beginning of Something Better

The first step is blunt honesty. Would you have googled this page if you had not considered that there is a problem?  Does something about your current situation not sit well with you? Are you feeling increasingly anxious? 

However,  your inner voices of concern might clash with the tempting advice from society and friends:  "Come on, you worry too much, just have a bit of fun",  " Let your hair down, treat yourself..."

I would like to trust your intuition, acknowledge your situation, and help you take that first step towards a better lifestyle and a better you. 


Where Do I Come In?

Having experienced my own period of substance struggles in the noughties I can relate and empathize deeply. I remember very well the Monday morning feeling, the dread, and the regrets.

When I realized I could not stop, I finally visited a life coach, followed by therapy, which led me to successfully change my lifestyle. It was the best decision of my life. I do regret not making the call earlier, but my path is what eventually led me to life coaching. Remembering those awful Monday mornings, I am feeling deep empathy with those going through the same. I am familiar with the rollercoaster of emotions that come with the realisation that you may need to reconsider your lifestyle. 

I offer a safe, confidential, and non-judgmental space to discuss concerns around this topic and offer tools and options to help you achieve lasting lifestyle changes. 

How Can Life Coaching Help You?

Life Coaching is a fantastic tool in periods of turbulence, imbalance, and transformation. Together, we will work towards gaining clarity on where you are and where you want to be and developing the self-awareness and tools you need to drive tangible changes in every area of your life. 

Quitting or changing a habit by pure willpower often doesn’t have lasting results: a bad week or stressful event often triggers a setback and bounces you back to the dreaded Square One. It is a very frustrating cycle indeed, depleting your physical and mental resources and killing your joy.

My Approach to Lifestyle Changes, Alcohol and Substance Problems


Some life coaches solely concentrate on offering accountability and setting goals and therefore changing habits by pure willpower.  While it might work for some, this approach is limited and doesn’t often lead to lasting change. 

Amaze Create offers a holistic approach, where we dive deeper and explore the possible underlying structures, past events, fears, or traumas that trigger your need to escape in the first place. We will then move on to laying down a strategy for creating lasting and effective lifestyle changes and healing your relationship with alcohol and substance. I provide you with some powerful tools to support your journey, including powerful holistic practices such as positive psychology and mindfulness. 

AmazeCreate offers a 360 approach that will change not just your habit but your mindset and offers tools to help support the journey. Schedule a free introductory session today to discover how transformational life coaching can help you.

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