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Confidence is a human key element, almost essential to our ability to thrive in the workplace, relationships, and almost every other aspect of our lives. Like a pair of rose-tinted glasses, it even can seduce us into overlooking what confident people might be lacking. 

Being confident means trusting one’s qualities and ability to engage with the world around us with a deep-rooted conviction that comes from our own opinion of ourselves. When we lack confidence, we are often led to question our abilities, behaviour, and even our values.

How can Confidence Coaching help you?

Our confidence, like most aspects of who we are, is influenced by the changes in our lives and the circumstances in which we find ourselves at any one time. 

Working with a life coach offers a fresh perspective on your current situation, and helps you bridge the gaps between where you are and where you want to be. Confidence coaching helps you understand the root of your doubt and self-imposed obstacles, rediscover your worth and cement your self-belief. 

Developing a healthy positive mindset rooted in self-confidence and assertiveness will help you feel empowered to set, pursue, and achieve both personal and professional goals.


Confidence Coaching with Amaze Create

Confidence is a complex subject and there is no quick fix. My approach is designed to dive deeper and help increase your confidence. I use a range of techniques, including positive psychology, reflection, journaling, narrative therapy, role play, and intention setting. Over a series of weekly sessions, we will explore what past events might have affected your confidence and answer a number of important questions:

  • Why do you feel like an imposter even though your skillset is impressive? 

  • Why are you still single or finding it hard to make friends?

  • What is fueling your negative self-talk, or the constant self-deprecation that makes others feel uncomfortable in your company? 

  • What created the negative mindset you find yourself in and what are the current sources that are affecting you? 

Confidence Coaching will help you identify and unlearn the unhealthy beliefs and behaviours that are holding you back, help you silence your inner critic and saboteur, so you can finally believe in your amazing potential, embrace it, and thrive.

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