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The quality of our relationships is essential to the quality of our life. That includes our romantic relationships, friendships, family, and even our professional relationships. 


A relationship can be an amazing unit that provides stability, love, and support while riding the waves of life. A partner can be your closest ally, soulmate, soundboard, mirror, and true friend. A great working team can really be a game-changer and help us thrive in our careers. And family and friends are often the safety nets that give us courage to keep going. 

However, when our relationships are not working, or not aligned with our needs and wants, they can drain and disempower us, affect our confidence and, in the worst cases, totally destabilize us. A patronizing or difficult manager, for example, can seriously affect our confidence and performance at work. While the breakdown of a meaningful relationship can seriously affect our well being, mental and even physical health.

What Can Relationship Coaching Help With?

Relationship coaching can help you improve your connections with others and support you in moments of instability in your personal and professional relationships. Some of the common reasons for which my clients may seek support are:

  • Navigating difficult times in meaningful relationships

  • Questioning a relationship or considering leaving

  • Relationship breakdowns

  • Navigating challenging professional relationships

  • Finding a safe space to discuss and explore sexual orientation

If any of these apply to you, or you find yourself in need of help navigating other aspects of your connections with others, get in touch today.


Working With a Relationship Coach

Amaze Create offers a confidential space to discuss and explore relationships and a wide range of issues around this subject in a personal, family or work context. 

There is no limit on what relationship coaching can help you achieve. Whether your issue is located in one area of your life or a generalised problem, life and relationship coaching has the potential to improve all your relationships and general contentment. Our life and relationship coaching sessions will give you the tools to better understand yourself and others, create meaningful connections, better relate to those around you, and even build a better relationship with yourself.

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