Transformational and Health Coaching with Simon Frese

Coaching is a powerful process which aims to empower clients to develop their own skills and to find their amazing potential.


Through coaching, clients can raise self-awareness and build their inner confidence to make their own decisions, focusing on the “why” of reactions or behaviours.


Simon explains “What we think a client needs is often based on our own experience, projections or our own wish-boards, which is often far removed from what the other person actually really needs, the coaching process is therefore an unknown but very exciting journey.”

Simon’s approach to coaching is through a series of conversations, reflections, summaries, and imaginary scenarios guiding clients to a new vantage point.


Exploring new options and solutions, which often can lead to outcomes that may at times surprise. 


Key tools include meditation, analysis of factors such as diet and lifestyle, and positive psychology.


Sometimes what’s needed is less a dramatic change but just some subtle adjustments.

  • Health, Nutrition and Fitness ·Motivation

  • Work & Career 

  • Empowering confidence

  • Relationships 

  • Alcohol and Substance Dependencies

  • Spiritual Journey

  • Meditation


Simon’s first experience with the benefits of coaching came after experiencing a near burnout after years of living a fast-paced work and social life. A good friend recommended working with a life coach.


“That first session was memorable and initiated a transformation ending in a place I had never even dreamed of. I knew I had to stop but I had nothing in its place and was scared of that void. It was a realization that more a healthy life needed to be an inspired one as well.”


The personal discoveries that followed helped him repair family ties, improved his confidence and allowed him to sustain more lasting emotional relationships. It also helped transition into a more satisfying career and work-life balance.

Even though Australia is his spiritual home, Simon has made London his home, having lived in Sydney, Barcelona and his native Germany. He lives together with his husband in Highbury. 

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