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Transformational Life Coaching 
with Simon Frese

Transformational Life Coaching With Simon Frese


Are you currently reevaluating your life or feeling stuck? Are you asking yourself if you have made the most out of your life? Does your current situation not match with the vision you had for your life?  

Transformational Life Coaching is a powerful process that can help you to navigate periods of imbalance or turbulence and come through to the other side a better version of yourself. Through a series of life coaching sessions, I can help you find new perspectives and gain clarity on your life. Together we will explore all of your available options, raise self-awareness, and actively work on driving tangible changes.  

Reach Your True Potential

Drawing from over 15 years of experience working with successful creatives and talents, I help my clients to discover their potential and create the life they have always envisioned. I will nudge, encourage, challenge, and support you at every step of the journey.  


My priority is and will remain, to provide a space where clients feel safe and cared for without judgement. I still have vivid memories of my own first life coaching session and the empathy, curiosity, and genuine interest that my coach demonstrated, and I strive to replicate this for my clients. 

Beyond Life Coaching

Amaze Create gives you the tools you need to support your transformation beyond our coaching sessions. I am passionate about meditation, positive psychology, and nutrition. Therefore, I offer clients the opportunity to explore lifestyle changes through a combined mind and body approach that includes diet and exercise, and holistic practices such as meditation, visualisation, and intention setting. Some of these tools and techniques might stick, others might not resonate, all are optional.

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Reconsider how you live, how you look after yourself by embracing a new way of thinking.

Transformational Life Coaching Services

Creating a Different Reality

Life Coaching is a versatile tool. As a transformational coach, I offer support in a number of areas of life, including career, relationships, and health. Whether you know in which area of your life you need support right now, or are wanting to work on figuring out where the imbalance lies, my approach to coaching is a holistic one. Together, we will work on creating a different reality.

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